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Tips on writing a Statement Of Purpose ( SOP )
GRE score is not a sole criterion for getting you into a graduate
Besides good score, there are other factors like SOP, letter of recommendations, GPA that play an important part in deciding your admission into a graduate school. A carefully drafted SOP may help you in getting into your dream
school even with an average GRE score.
is a way for the admission committee members to get to know about you since they did
not get a chance to take an interview. SOP
is an essay that describes you, your accomplishments, your academic background,
career plans and future goals.
A strong essay clearly depicting sincerity of student to join applied
graduate school can help him, especially when his application is
on the edge.
Writing an impressive SOP.
SOP should include following information:
Who you are?
Your academic background.
Your past accomplishments.
What motivated and sparkled your interest in your field, for e.g. if you are a
computer engineer, there might be something, say, playing pacman in
childhood that developed your interest in the field of computer science.
Start your essay with a quote, question, or engaging description that grabs the attention of the reader. Sample SOP for M.S in computer Science field may have an introduction like The dawn of the new age - The Computer Era - glows before us with the promise of new and improved ways of thinking, living and working. The only way to keep up with these increased amounts of data and information is to understand how computers work. Having seen many applications of computer science, be it while making a bank withdrawal,buy groceries at the supermarket my quest for knowledge has only intensified. I have always believed in myself and worked for what I
wanted. I have already drawn a clear graph of my professional life.
Certainly, the purpose of my life is to discover a greater understanding of the field of computer sciences. The interest and fascination has evolved into a determination to study the subject deeply and to do some valuable research in the field, prompting me to seek a Master's degree in the same field.Details of the projects you have worked on, related to the intended area of study.Cite examples where you donned the mantle of the leader to show others a new path.What inspired you to pursue masters' in that particular field and why you chose that particular university?Make
sure that your research area matches with the research area of the department you are applying to. Do research on the university and
your concerned department where you are planning to study and accordingly state how you can be a good fit.Be precise and honest. The admission committee members who would be reviewing your application have a lot of experience reading thousands of statements.So don't try to fool them with fake information.Enlist your contribution to social work, if any, and how that created an impact on the society.Cite evidences/experiences as supporting details for the facts you want to demonstrate.Address
your weaknesses in such a way that they bring out the positive impact. for
e.g. if you scored badly once, how that turned out to be an inspirational and turning point in your life.Mention about your publications, if any. A conclusion paragraph at the end that demonstrates what you learned from your life experiences, field of study and your future plans.
Demonstrate clear and concise thoughts. Get your SOP proofread from two or three persons and ask them to check it for grammatical and other mistakes.In short, SOP should bring out the unique talent of yours.
1) It should be around 500-600 words.
2) Don't give weak
excuses for low GPA, GRE/TOEFL score.
3) Don't use flowery language.
4) The information should not be inconsistent.

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