Careers360 MBA Tour 2022: Role Of Accreditation In Choosing The Right B-School

January 13, 2022 0 Comments

Careers360 held an MBA Tour 2022 to help postgraduate management students choose the best B-School.As part of the Careers360 MBA tour, the role of accreditation while selecting a B-School was also discussed.“Accreditation of a business school is critical to a student’s success since it assures that learning is from a curriculum that is the most relevant to their field of study, ensuring that they will be ready to have a sustainable career once they graduate from the institute, an official statement said.
In the Careers360 MBA Tour 2022, Maheswer Peri, CEO, Careers360 discussed the importance of accreditation in choosing the top B-School in India with Dr Sitamma Mikkilineni from IBS, Dr Atish Chattopadhyay from JAGSoM and Professor S Sudhindra from TAPMI.
Accreditation is a non-governmental, voluntary validation procedure that evaluates colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning.The accreditation process is a third-party assessment of a school’s ability to deliver high-quality programmes, including the mission, faculty qualifications, and curricula.
Citing three key benefits of accreditation, Dr Chattopadhyay said: “The first benefit of accreditation is the mission alignment.Each institution is different, catering to different groups and having its own mission.Accreditation ensures that school is aligned to the mission according to which it was formed.”
The second being, Dr Chattopadhyay added, the process of accreditation helps meet the learning goals.Accreditation is also an indicator of the fact that the learning goals are met at the end of the programmes.
“The third being the quality of the faculty and curriculum.The quality of the faculty and the curriculum processes are in alignment so that those goals are met,” he added.
Reiterating that TAPMI is the first B-school in the country to apply for accreditation, Professor Sudhindra said: “From students’ point of view, it gives good career opportunities.The students will be getting good faculty, good programme offerings, brand recognition and sustainable growth prospects.It gives a sense of guarantee to the students.”
When asked as to how does an accredited institute works on learner progression or learner successor Dr Mikkilineni said: “Progression is not measured for individual students.

It’s generally measured on a program level or year-to-year basisWe should make progress and meet the target every year.And that’s how learner progress is made.”
Expressing his views on how JAGSoM has benefited by accreditations, Dr Chattopadhyay said: “The moment the institute becomes accredited, it ensures that it has stood up to certain quality parameters and it will remain sustainable.We have programmes where students can go to the State University of New York or Sydney Business School.These kinds of possibilities emerge only when you are accredited.”
“We are eligible for international ranking.When you look at all the three programmes – PGDM in Marketing, PGDM in Finance and PGDM in Analytics, each of these PGDM programmes are ranked by the US and other global university rankings,” he added.
While considering a particular B-School, Dr Mikkilineni added, students should ensure these factors — the accreditation of that B-school, second would be to look at the placement and package history and third is to get important inputs from the former students.
International Accreditation, Dr Chattopadhyay said, has helped the JAGSoM students to collaborate with SUNY for cyber security courses.The students get the chance to spend two semesters learning cyber security.
However, Dr Chattopadhyay also said that there are multiple rankings and each has different parameters.Hence, it is very difficult to judge a school based on rankings.“While ranking, nobody actually visits the school and ranks it, whereas during accreditation, the process involves visits to the school.There is a review team that actually visits, talks to all the stakeholders and then accredits the school.Students must make sure to check the accreditation first and then the ranking,” he said.
Saying that retaining an accreditation is very tough Professor Sudhindra added: “The educational field has to be more dynamic than any other field.Continuity in improvement is one of the toughest things we have to undertake every year because we have to show solid and real improvements.

We have to show how our course offerings have changedMore importantly, have we improved our standards or not.This is what we have to continuously show.”
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