NMC To Start New Academic Session For 2021’s Broad Specialty Courses From February 1, 2022

January 13, 2022 0 Comments

The new academic session for the broad specialty courses will begin from February 1, 2022, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has announced.The academic curriculum for the diploma and degree courses, NMC said, will be completed by December 31, 2023 and December 31, 2024 respectively.The postgraduate degree and diploma students will however be required to complete the period of 36 and 24 months respectively to complete the course.
“There has been a delay in the starting of the Broad Specialty Courses on account of Covid Pandemic in the year 2021.Therefore, the National Medical Commission has decided that academic session for the Broad Specialty courses for the year 2021 shall commence from 1st Feb 2022,” a NMC statement said.
Source: nmc.org.in
NMC had earlier extended recognised postgraduate (PG) medical courses by one year for the academic session 2020-21.
“As per the Post Graduate Medical Education Board (PGMEB), it has been decided that recognised PG courses will be extended for another one year when those are granted by the specific university (in which the PG course are running under or granted) for the academic year 2020-21 and shall be valid for a period of one year.”